Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammation antioxidant that combats free radical damage. The main ingredient in Turmeric  responsible for this amazing response is Curcumin. Silent inflammation is reduced by taking Turmeric. Common signs of silent inflammation are:                                       -Brain fog  -memory impairment  -aches & pains  -mood issues   Curcumin lowers CRP which is a key marker of inflammation.Benefits of Curcumin include:  -increased BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor)-Increases memory & sharper thinking   – encourages immune system to dissolve abnormal proteins.-Increases short term memory   -decreases joint pain   -facilitates mood balance   -increases digestive function   -promotes a healthy inflammatory response   -promotes optimal brain health   -improves cardiovascular function   -supports mental clarity & memory retention, promotes an overall sense of vitality   -visibly reduces signs of aging   -reduces pain while improving joint and muscle function   all while boosting physical & mental energy!

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