This is from Ms. Coco-Laurin herself April May:

I’m a bit freaked out about this Norovirus!! What freaks me out about it is it’s passed by touch ?? You can be infected for 3 days before you have any symptoms and you are still contagious 7 days after You think your over it. Think about all the things we touch, $$ money, Produce, clothing in a store, gym equipment, each other, door knobs, the list goes on and on. Be safe wash your hands. I have not had the flu for over 30 yrs now! Thank God for that! No I don’t take the flu shot. I do take my Cocolaurin pills from all natural monolaurin comes from Coconuts, Bitter Melon, Saw Palmetto and its what’s found in Mother’s breast milk that builds the immune system in a baby gently and naturally like Nature intended….

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